Ceiling Fan Installation

Power Plus Electrical Service is pleased to provide the best in ceiling fan installation with our expert electricians. Ceiling fans need to be installed on a UL (Underwriters Laboratory, Inc.) approved ceiling fan outlet box that is sufficient to hold the weight of the fan. Have you ever seen or had a fan that became loose or even fell from the ceiling because of improper installation? Not only does it destroy the fan and any furnishings below, it can be dangerous to your family!

There are several different options for customizing the wiring with a ceiling fan. You can control both the fan and the light by a wall switch, the fan by a pull chain and the light by a wall switch or both the fan and light controlled by a remote control device. Your Power Plus electrician will be happy to discuss the best option for you and your family.

Ceiling fans range in size from 36” to 52”. The 52” fans are the most common size in homes today. Many home improvement stores carry their own store brand as well as national brands like Hunter Fan Company© fans.

When installing a ceiling fan in an outdoor or high humidity area we recommend a fan designed for outdoor applications. These products have ABS plastic fan blades, metal parts designed to resist rust and stainless steel screws.

We recommend shopping for your next ceiling fan at Christie's Lighting.