Kitchen Electrical Services

The kitchen of the average home is often an area that definitely needs improvement when it comes to lighting. Fortunately, there are many options available for the homeowner when it comes to upgrading general and task lighting in this room.

The most popular kitchen lighting upgrade is the recessed or “canned” lights with an airtight, energy efficient conical trim. These can use CFL (compact fluorescent) or halogen bulbs. Both of these bulb options offer a great improvement in the general lighting and appearance of your kitchen. Recessed lighting is available in either the 4” size or the 6” size.

Under cabinet lighting with xenon technology by Kichler Lighting® is a favorite choice for customers who are upgrading their kitchens. Not only does it improve the task lighting but it enhances the veining in granite countertops. In addition to under cabinet lighting many customers choose to have above cabinet lights and toe kick lighting both of which create a beautiful ambiance in the kitchen.

Finally, pendant lighting is a great way to add character to the kitchen or define an area such as above the sink or bar. Many different style, sizes, and color options are available for customizing a kitchen.

Let the expert, local electricians at Power Plus Electrical Service help you have the best kitchen lighting!