Fuse and Breaker Boxes

If you still have an older fuse box then you are long overdue for an upgrade to a breaker panel. Breakers are much safer to use, more reliable and are easier to re-set if there is an overload. In addition, you do not have to purchase and keep a supply of the appropriate size fuse.

We have completed hundreds of "service* changes" over the years. From old homes with very dangerous 30 amp fused services to new homes that simply need to upgrade to provide more ampacity for the growing demands of the home.

If you have the smaller 100 amp or 20 circuit panel and are thinking about upgrading your electrical system,furnace or adding central air conditioning, now is the time to consider upgrading you panel to a 200 amp breaker box. With all of the appliances, electronics and lighting in the average 21st century home a 200 amp breaker box can meet all the homeowner’s growing power demands.

Power Plus offers the longest warranty for our breaker boxes. Our electricians do an excellent job and can answer any questions you might have when we give you a free estimate.

* The term "service" is an electrical trade term that refers to your homes metering equipment, know as the meterbase, and the first point of disconnect, or first breaker in the home.
Some homes have the service built into one piece of equipment know as a meter-main. Some home homes have meterbase outside and a main breaker panel on the inside of the home back-to-back with the meterbase.