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Generac™ Backup Power

Generac™ home backup generators run on natural gas or liquid propane fuel. Much like a air conditioning unit, it sits outside and turns on automatically. During moments of outages, these backup generators can provide power for your entire home or just the essentials. These benefits, along with the new Mobile Link™, which allows you to monitor your generator on a mobile device, make this a highly recommended product.

Benefits of Generac™ Backup Generators

• Automatic Operation

- Handsfree because it automatically turns on and off. Runs until power returns.

• Refueling Not Necessary

- Runs on existing natural gas or propane supply lines, so you'll never have to refuel.

• Power Directly to Your Home

- No extension cables; connect safely to your home

• Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring FREE

- Every Guardian Series Home Standby Generator comes with this benefit


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